TAKANI TK1412-20



While this bike generation remains an excellent choice for motorcycle beginners, advanced riders will also find it satisfying. It caters for young riders of all skill levels. Parents can limit the maximum speed and acceleration via dials that are not accessible to the rider. Settings allow for a wide performance range and appeal to those who want to gently scoot around the house and those who want to experience a speedier thrill ride with jumps on the local MX training track.

The size and performance of the TK1412-20 are comparable to 4-stroke petrol trail bikes, positioning it between 50cc to 80cc bikes. However, riding this bike is a lot easier.

TAKANI bikes do not require clutch operation, gear shifting or foot braking. Simply twist the throttle and enjoy the instant torque of the fully automatic chain drive. Use the handlebar brakes to slow it down, just like on a pedal bike. Additionally, this electric dirt bike is lighter compared to petrol bikes and its low centre of gravity allows for nimble handling and effortless transport.

TAKANI bikes are designed to boost rider confidence, to achieve rapid skill development and to provide hours and hours of fun for young thrill-seekers.

Free of noise, smell and burns, TAKANI electric dirt bikes offer action for young riders without the typical concerns that come with petrol bikes.

Designed, tested and built for Aussie backyards and hard packed MX training tracks, the TK1412-20 is perfectly suited for Australian private properties. Could there be any cooler way to get your kids off screen?



Peak power output: 2000W

Voltage: 54Vmax (48Vnom)
Motor: brushless DC motor
Torque: 10-35Nm (adjustable)
Battery: 48V LiFePo4
Battery Capacity: 18Ah
Seat height: standard 680mm  (suitable for body heights from 130cm at parent's discretion, lower the seat height with optional accessories to suit your rider)
Speed: 8 - 45km/h (adjustable, max speed also depending on rider weight)
Range: approx. 26km
Runtime: approx. 60min
Charge time: 3hrs (reach 80% after 2hrs)
Weight: 434kg
Max rider weight: 65kg
Charger: 54.6V - 7A
Transmission: fully automatic with chain drive
Front suspension: hydraulic 'upside-down' fork
Rear suspension: adjustable mono shock with air cushion 
Tire front: 2.75-14”
Tire rear: 3.00-12”
Brake system:  hydraulic 4 piston calipers with heat dissipation liners
Brake safety: electronic motor shut-off
Chain and sprockets: 219H 10T/76T
Ground Clearance: 290mm
Wheelbase: 1010mm
Dimensions: 1470 x 640 x 920mm


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