2X2 Adventure Bike:
Road registrable and ready for adventure, on-road and off-road.
Versatile and tough for commuters, delivery riders, or weekend warriors.

2X2 Work Bike:
Clean and simple. Built for off-road riding.
With no on-road extras, this is a solid mud-ready workhorse. All black, all rugged, and ready for a hard day’s work.



Weight excl. power supply: 50.7kg | 111.6lbs
+ 2.1kWh battery (2X2 Adventure Bike): 63.7kg | 140.2lbs
+ 3.1kWh battery (2X2 Work Bike): 68.7kg | 151.2lbs
Height: 1,040mm | 41”
Seat height: 815mm | 32”
Width (handlebars): 820mm | 32.3”
Length: 1,820mm | 72”
Wheelbase: 1215mm | 47.8”


UBCO ATFZ 130mm front suspension: Tapered chromoly steerer, chrome steel stanchions, alloy lower (corrosion resistant). Coil spring with hydraulic dampener. Preload & rebound adjustment.
UBCO ATF 120mm rear suspension: Coil over spring with hydraulic dampener. Preload & rebound adjustment.


Cerebro² vehicle management system (VMS): Integrates all electronic and electrical functions of the vehicle. Provides control and updates with Bluetooth 5.0. Vented waterproof enclosure with sealed automotive connectors. Isolated CAN bus for easier integration of future CAN devices. CAN communication with power supply. Support for optional UBCO ‘Communicator’ telematic control unit for fleets.


Max speed: 50km/h | 30mph (45km/h EU). High torque geared drivetrain. Wheelbase: 1215mm | 47.8

Power Supply

Match the capacity to your needs: 2.1kWh or 3.1kWh.
UBCO dual safety system:
Active Safety:
 UBCO ‘Scotty’ battery management system (BMS). Real time performance and safety monitoring. 
Passive Safety: 
IP66 rated sealed alloy enclosure. Vented enclosure with venting pathways. 3400 mAh high safety factor INR (LiNiMnCoO₂) 18650 lithium ion cells. Designed for disassembly at end of life.


10amp alloy fast charger. Charger detects and disables bike when charging.


Powerful 2400 lumen floodlight headlight. Compact and lightweight. Environmentally sealed. LED rear brake lights.


UBCO Quadratic² brake system: Hydraulic & regenerative brakes operate together. Active regenerative braking (brake activated): Independent front and rear brake control. Passive regenerative braking (off throttle). DOT approved hydraulic brakes. 203 x 2.3mm rotors. DOT approved Dash 3 brake lines.

Drive train

All wheel drive with 2 x 1kw Flux² motors: Brushless DC air cooled. High durability planetary geared system. Fully splined gear interfaces. Sealed bearings. Active heat management. Active venting for residual moisture.

User Controls

Fully electronic throttle control. Handlebar mounted momentary switch control for horn. Keyless fob operation utilises code hopping technology, hard to clone or hot wire. Kill switch can be programmed for on/off.


Payload (incl. rider): 150kg | 330lbs
Super X step through frame: 7027 alloy. Front and rear racks standard. 19 drop forged attachment lugs on sub frame & rack. Dual kickstands (stand bike on either side)


9ga stainless steel spokes.
Tangential double-crossed lacing pattern. 17×1.85” aluminium rims (DOT compliant). 17×2.75” off-road knobbly tires.


Battery locks to frame. Ability to track & trace with optional TCU.







Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 180 × 38 × 100 cm

2X2 Adventure Bike, 2X2 Work Bike


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